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I love having delicious condiments at the ready. Here is my go to recipe for a seasonal hot sauce. First of all having a chilli ferment ready to go is obviously a MUST!

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For this I make a salt brine as I do for many ferments each month being 2.5 - 3% salt to water (1000ml water needs 30g salt for 3% this time round). I tend to get the water boiling and dissolve in the correct percentage and allow to cool when I’m prepping large amounts of ferments. This means I use the time to sterilise and clean everything whilst it cools.

With this cooled brine you can just pour it on top of the ingredients and seal in a jar keeping the ingredients submerged – many use a mesh or a freezer bag filled with more brine. This ferment is all about the chillies, a bay leaf & garlic. Wait 2 / 3 weeks (at this time of year – less in summer) for it to ferment nicely and is ready – my indicator is that it has stopped bubbling when you burp it every couple days. At this point I tend to pop it in the fridge or make the sauce.

In this video I cooked and blended equal weight of rhubarb to chilli (250g of each) without the bay leaf of course and added a couple tablespoons of spoons of sugar and cooked it out for 10 minutes until I get the consistency I like. It’s now ready and can be kept in the fridge where it never lasts long. A delicious complex hot sauce that in other seasons can be altered by the fruits (I love using apples, pears, damsons and many others later in the year).

It is important to note if you are looking for the “live” benefits of a ferment boiling it is not the process to follow. I often make a live hot sauce by calling on my fermented chillies in the fridge and blending it with the fruits on the day I’m using it. It’s very tasty of course and full of pre and probiotics.

Enjoy with everything!


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