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We have recently seen the fruit of the wild oyster mushroom cloned at the end of last year (known as “Bio-Prospecting” @mossycreekmushrooms). Robbie (@basilsfungifarm) & I have been excited and patient for this one to fruit. It was collected mid-December 2023 by myself. Robbie took a sample from the wild mushroom and grew the mycelium out on some bulk substrate in his lab.

GeorgeFlavour Fred
We waited a fair while before noticing it pinning a couple weeks back. It’s a very firm fruiting body and also much darker cap initially than expected. Very happy with the denseness and weight came in at 500g on one which for the growers out there was 60% biological efficiency on its first flush. Robbie was happy about that - I just like saying 60% biological efficiency out loud - didn’t think the video needed that.

Anyhow armed with a fermented rhubarb chilli jam, wild garlic pesto, corn tortilla and some sea kale from the beach we made a little snack with the newly named Ollie the oyster. Not sure why I named it but hey bit was delicious.

Cheers Robbie look forward to seeing it develop.


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