“Meet your ingredients” is an interactive monthly session. We will be walking along a route foraging for flavour and teach the identification techniques, folklore and the history associated with wild ingredients.

Culminating at The Castle Climbing Centre garden (London, N5) or Lydhurst Private Estate (West Sussex, RH17 5TR) for a wild inspired banquet with my selection of wild drinks.

This is all inclusive so all drinks (plenty) and a significant feast so no need to book dinner after!

The purpose is to showcase wild flavour; how to find it; discussing its history and different uses regionally and across the globe. Each menu will be seasonal, wild and much of the ingredients from the garden at the castle or Lydhurst kitchen gardens.

We will also enjoy paired drinks/cocktails each dish where non-alcoholic versions will also be available. Here’s a sneak peak at the sample menu for summer where all dishes are plant-based with all dietary requirements catered for.

Feast Served Banquet Style
– Wild Mushroom Flatbread, wild pickled fruits
– Sorrel tahini, shredded oyster-mushroom topped hummus, garden tomato salad
– Fire roasted beetroot, pickled plums, lime flower dressing, wood sorrel
– Burnt Leeks, truffle oil, lemon balm
–  Clove-root spiced squash & fried potato with sweet chestnuts

Medicinal mushroom brownie, fermented noble fir syrup, pickled blackberries

Alcoholic Cocktails:
Woodland Negroni
Fig Leaf & Apple Martini
Pine “Tom Collins”

Non Alcoholic Drinks/Wild Soda’s:
Douglas Fir Kombucha
Elderberry Tepache
Fig Leaf, Sweet woodruff & apple
Wild herb & fruit summer cooler

Flavour has to be natural, honest, and with a bit of earth still on it. There are no convoluted supply chains, and no air miles, only what’s natural and what’s good.

Humans have always depended upon a harmonious relationship with nature to provide the food we need.. This is something we have lost connection to and why Flavour Fred exists and what we focus on. We need these skills and knowledge for modern living and at Flavour Fred we want to keep these vital traditions alive.

PRICE: £85.00 PER PERSON, limited to 16 people

Terms and conditions apply