Woodland Trust Walks

Join me for a beautiful 2.5 hour walk through the beautiful, ancient & protected Brede High Wood, East Sussex.  This guided 2.5 hour walk to learn about plant & fungi identification, history, folklore, responsibility, soil heath & much more.

This location & session is authorised by the Woodland Trust in order to demonstrate the importance of the site and to teach respectfulness and responsibility to the diverse & complex relationships happening in nature all around us.

Brede means ‘broad’ in Old English and probably describes the lower reaches of the river valley while ‘High’ refers to a ‘hay’ or grassy enclosure, probably a pasture.

Once part of the Weald’s iron smelting industry, Brede High Woods’ historical influence is present throughout the site today.  There are saucer-shaped bell pits from iron ore extraction, boundary banks and ditches, sunken lanes and the sites three farms – Brede High Woods holds fascinating evidence of centuries of human activity.



As humans, our senses were developed first to assist us in hunting and gathering. Our perception of colour helped us pick the ripest fruit and tell the poisonous from the tastiest berries. The powerful link between smell and memory helped us remember those plants we had eaten safely before, and those we had been taught to fear. Your body hasn’t forgotten this: wild plants still provide a vivid and delicious feast for the senses.

I also provide in-depth follow up with of what we have seen, links to resources online, book recommendations and more.  This will allow you to leave with a safe starting point for identifying your own wild ingredients.  This is NOT a gathering course but purely identification where many rules exist in public places about foraging.  All of these legalities  will be explained on the course itself.

I also provide you with some of my techniques of preservation along with tasters of my wild booze infusions.

Tickets £40 per person, limited to 18 people
Private Group Booking £500, limited to 18 people

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Will we be gathering?

No, I prepare everything in advance from private sites.  Many locations like this one have rules surrounding foraging which will be discussed.  Purely identification and my favourite information about them is what will be discussed.

Where is my confirmation and details of the walk?

On booking you will receive an automated new order confirmation email which sadly hits junk on occasions.  The details of the walk will be sent 3 days prior to the session so I can check weather and best meeting point for the chosen route on the site.

What can I expect to learn and is there follow up?

I will teach the basics of foraging and to discover a range of wild edibles lying all around us.  During the event I will introduce you to a number of edible species; giving you tips on responsible & respectful harvesting,  identification and possible dangerous lookalikes. I will provide a follow up email with what we have seen, links to resources online, book recommendations and more.

What to bring?

Bring along anything you feel necessary for a few hours outside in all elements. Please check the weather before attending the event, bring water for the day and should you feel the need for snacks please feel free to bring them. I do provide bread, a wild condiment or two and some drinks tasters throughout the session. It is not a full meal.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes but need to be kept on a lead

Are children allowed?

I speak a lot about poison and also make many infusions that contain alcohol (but not all).   If you are ok with these being discussed in front of your child then I have no problem.

Please also see my terms and conditions