Private Group Bookings

Taking out groups, friends or family, is wonderful way to get together for a special event.  I’ll take you into nature and show you how to find and identify my favourite wild plants, fruits and fungi.

Along the way you’ll learn some science and folklore, pick up tips on surviving in the woods, have a few laughs and get to taste some of the boozy concoctions (and non-boozy!) and delicious wild flavours that can be made with what we find.

It is a great experience that will boost the wellbeing of everyone, irrespective of their age or fitness level.  These sessions can be designed to your needs with food and drink provided if necessary.  Happy to run courses in woodlands near you to see what is available locally.  I can  lunch/dinner delivered on the route as well as in your home. Please do get in touch!

As humans, our senses were developed first to assist us in hunting and gathering. Our perception of colour helped us pick the ripest fruit and tell the poisonous from the tastiest berries. The powerful link between smell and memory helped us remember those plants we had eaten safely before, and those we had been taught to fear. Your body hasn’t forgotten this: wild plants still provide a vivid and delicious feast for the senses.

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