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Showcasing wild flavours and their history across the UK. Always foraging, blending, distilling & cooking up flavourful experiences.


The Meet Your Ingredients event was a fantastic day out. George is a foraging encyclopaedia, and has the sort of deep knowledge that comes from years of working in the food business. The meal he cooked up was absolutely delicious. He spoilt us with yummy cocktails made from his own booze. It was so good, I had to buy a bottle. It was really good value for money when the time spent foraging, eating and drinking is all added up. Much better than just going for a regular meal out. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in food, flavours or foraging!

Michelle O'Sullivan

We had a fantastic morning out with Flavour Fred as a family. Fred provided excellent detail and discussion around the world of mushrooms which my daughter is fascinated by. We also got to try a bunch of Fred’s delicious home-made items with a wild twist.

RoniBelsize Park, London

Making cocktails for customers from around the world is my job and Fred blew my mind to a new world of flavour and ingredients. We had a great time learning about the history of flavour and “hand-picking” ingredients to make into cocktails.

Fred also assisted me in developing a cocktail for the *Mixed Consciously” competition from Diplomático where I was the runner up.

Angelo Lo Greco, Bar ManagerThe Milestone Hotel, Kensington

Had a great day out foraging with Flavour Fred (aka George). Very knowledgeable and entertaining. Fire-cooked dinner afterwards was fantastic!

Mathieu JonesLondon

Thank you so much for the incredible foraging tour you took us on last Saturday.
Jess, Artemis, and I had an absolute blast! Your passion for the subject matter and your extensive knowledge truly shone through, making the entire experience both informative and enjoyable. We deeply appreciate the effort you put into sharing your expertise with us and helping us develop a greater appreciation for the beauty of the Heath. It was truly a fun adventure. We're already eagerly looking forward to joining another one of your experiences in the near future.

NoëlHampstead Heath Flavour Led Forage

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