Team Building Away Days

Running staff away day sessions for organisations has become quite popular with a number different companies of late.  Spending time together finding the flavour that exists in the wild and how it is derived best is always a great topic.  It’s value shows with rich conversations about ingredients and also nostalgia from the attendees.  Often many have relationships with plants growing up and for those that don’t, it opens up wonderful access to a rewarding topic and encourages more time to be spent outdoors.   Sessions can include a wild flavour exploration & depending on the location picnics & drinks go down really well.  For something more in depth, I can offer day-long foraging, fire cooking and team building days at a location convenient for you. These wild away days offer your team the chance to relax, bond, learn new skills and grow in the wild.

They can be tailored to your company’s particular interests and priorities: for example, for a decorative fabrics and wallpaper company I ran a day of foraging activities focused on the colours and patterns of plants in the hedgerow.  Food & drinks businesses have explored where their main ingredients come from and also alternatives that have been used in many different cultures.

Nothing is too unusual or too specific. I love to engage and teach groups how to make a tasty salad from the leaves of Britain’s most common trees, how to cook an exotic-tasting curry with only hedgerow plants and even how to use meadow herbs to tell the future.

It is hard to overstate the value of nature. Skills developed, knowledge gained and fun had in the wild will prove immensely valuable in every aspect of your life and work. Time spent with us will change your perspectives and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

“Absolutely delightful! We had a lunch picnic and a foraging walk with Flavour Fred around the Hackney Marshes. We had a group of 15 people for a Summer activity at work. The picnic was super yummy, everything went smoothly and on time. The walk was also very informative around the Hackney Marshes. George told the story of the plants in his own unique style, making it not only informative but also funny & memorable. I’d definitely recommend the session for any group with interests in nature.”

– Winny Mulyasasmita, Chief of Staff
WNWN Food Labs

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