My walks run for 2.5 hours and are an introduction to foraging for flavour in order to teach, the rules, identification techniques, folklore and the history associated with wild ingredients.

Located in Hampstead Heath, Parkland Walk between Finsbury Park and Highgate as well as Hackney Marshes.

As humans, our senses were developed first to assist us in hunting and gathering. Our perception of colour helped us pick the ripest fruit and tell the poisonous from the tastiest berries. The powerful link between smell and memory helped us remember those plants we had eaten safely before, and those we had been taught to fear. Your body hasn’t forgotten this: wild plants still provide a vivid and delicious feast for the senses.

Throughout the walk we will identify seasonal wild ingredients, compare and contrast to understand effective identification, which will allow you to leave with a safe starting point for identifying your own foraged food.

I also provide you with some of my techniques of preservation along with tasters of my wild booze infusions.

Tickets £40 per person, limited to 16 people

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