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After meeting Robbie from Basil’s Fungi Farm we decided it would be great to clone some local wild mushrooms for his business in Hastings.

GeorgeFlavour Fred
It’s an exciting project to work on as cloning fungi from the surrounding area with local genetics meaning they are going to do really well at adapting to his grow room setup. Basically they already know the area well.. hanging about like a local so we are loving the potential here. Stay tuned to more on how these oysters get on.

We are also attempting to clone a few other species and will update you soon. In the meantime take a look at his site for grow kits and more which I’ll also list in due course

I’m loving having access to a lab setup & grow room like this although I’m better in the woods and in the weeds (or in a kitchen). I’ll leave lab work to Robbie but so you know we are also cloning a few of my other finds of late.


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