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I’ve made a Christmas tree liqueur (20%abv) & a fermented Christmas tree cone syrup which are delicious items that are incredible versatile.

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HEIMS - is a liqueur made from Norwegian spruce& Douglas fir. Christmas in a glass. Fantastic for a martini, in Prosecco, a dessert tipple over ice, on dessert itself and very interesting in coffee. I’ve even used it as a cure for many dishes and it works incredibly well.

Cocktail Suggestion:
“Conifer” Collins
50ml Liqueur Silvarum – HEIMS
25ml Gin
15ml Lemon juice
All into a glass and topped with soda then stirred – Garnish with lemon twist

Fermented Noble Fir Cone Molasses

Young noble fir cones are layered up with British sugar and fermented for 3 months. The result is a complex fruity floral & smokey syrup that does no damage to trees and is from the UK. Excellent as a sweetener, cocktails, pancakes, marinades, bakes and much more.


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