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The Lions Mane Mushroom is large mushrooms that unsurprisingly resembles a lions mane. It’s very rare in the UK so it is not to be picked. If found you should notify the British Mycological Society (BMS) as they manage The Red List for Threatened British Fungi.

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I’d also be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it as its been one of the most newsworthy medicinal fungi due to its beneficial effects. Most highlighted is ability to help with brain function and has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. It is rich in many medicinal compounds but most studied is two that stimulate brain cell growth: hericenones and erinacines ( There are also a number of studies that have shown it may help against Alzheimer’s disease. It is also great for the gut & heart.

As always I am interested in ways to prepare it as well. One of the best in my opinion is to marinate for a day or two, fry and then press till cooled. The result is a firm, meaty texture that can also get some serious char on the outside thought the process. Some serious flavour can be injected in this process.

Here I have used miso to marinate in this video probably because its got so much umami and flavours depending on the type but also a healthy item to ingest as well. I imagine a jerk marinade would be incredible as well as many others I don’t have the space to list.

The good thing about this fungi is that it is now widely available from various fungi farms like @basilsfungifarm who has been supplying me with a monster 1.7kg lions mane which is being served this way on 


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