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Excuse the spooky 👻 cutting in at the beginning but finding a set of conjoined Leccinum showing a triangular vortex had me transfixed for a while.

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Found amongst predominantly oak & beech but also can be found amongst poplar, aspen & birch makes this a little more difficult to identify. Showing off its burnt orange cap convex when young flattening out with age overhanging the pores and soft to the touch. The pores themselves start off white that are very tightly packed.

The Leccinum species all have the “scabers” which are rough follicles like woolly scales as well as tubes not gills. These scabers were brown/orange which is an important difference between the Orange Birch Bolete which has a lighter cap and dark brown -> black follicles. Having found both on this day it’s certainly a close comparison. Both edible after good cooking.

The flesh on the Orange Oak Bolete when cut went grey – dark grey colour change, sometimes with hints of lilac/pink.


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