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We’ve been seeing this meat-like fungus a lot this year bursting out of (mainly) oak like a fat meaty red tongue hence the other common name the Ox tongue fungus. It seems to be a firm favourite in many posts since summer mainly due to its meaty texture and the “bleeding” that always gets a good reaction.

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However collect only what you need is very important. There are thousands of relationships happening just with this one oak. With this fungus the bugs, slugs, and various other items are consuming & breaking it down. So it is important be respectful when looking for edible Funghi being responsible in collection and not to be wasteful. Furthermore much Funghi helps create habitats as the void after the fungus breaks down safely higher up for squirrels and birds which I love to admire.

It does bleed and I love making jerky/crispy chilli “beefsteak” but there is a lot to consider when collecting.


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