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Been out finding plenty of varieties of CEP lately including the Bronze CEP (Boletus aereus), Summer CEP (Boletus reticulatus) & the main event being the CEP (Boletus Edulis)

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The Bronze CEP has a much deeper darker cap with flecks of bronzeness. The cap is also initially smooth but becomes cracked with age. The tubes have a white to pale cream colour when at best becoming more yellow as they age. The stipe had a brown colour darkening towards the base and has reticulation visible across its entirety.

The summer CEP does not have the pale band around the cap rim like the Boletus edulis (Penny bun 🇬🇧, porcini 🇮🇹, steinpilz 🇩🇪). Also a paler webbing pattern (reticulation) down the stipe.

Anyhow, all great tasty top finds enjoyed in a multitude of ways but by no means here all my favourite ways. Hopefully I’ll find some more and get a few more dishes out there that I enjoy. In the meantime a raw CEP remoulade with the Penny Bun is a must like with @codehospitality on Monday last week. Cooked hard on the grill @yeovalley gives the most wonderful flavour but also texture to the tubing becoming silky and almost a fatty feel in the mouth. Making a gravy used here for poutine and drying to have a load ready for stocks, soups … all sorts. We even used to brew a stout with the dried porcini.

Anyhow great week. Been very busy. More videos coming soon hopefully my take on @rogerphillips_redglasses haggis & cheese stuffed CEP recipe.


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