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The shaggy ink cap aka lawyer’s wig here in a field looking like a spooky ghost waiting to be eaten by a pac man. They melt into a black goo very quickly in order to spread spores. The process is to deliquesce where a solid item melts into a liquid. With its purpose here being to re-produce.

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The cap starts cylindrical and melts on the edges becoming a conical shape. The cap itself having scales that are white/light brown until it begins to deliquesce. The flesh is white with a hollow long thin stem and if you get to see it a ring around the stem that detaches easily

It’s very common in fields, edges of driveways, flower beds… breaking down dead matter in those areas. For me its a very tasty one but you need to get it quick and not leave it out overnight as you’ll arrive to a table of the black ink. Dropping them into cold water and storing in the fridge is best although I tend to bread and fry on the day. MUST BE COOKED

You can also make in ink from them but I will be trying out some tests with this for a video soon enough.

Coprinus comes from The Greek Kupros, meaning dung, because many species within the genus grow on dung. Comatus is Latin, meaning long haired.


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