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Having finally finished drying my fermented wild garlic from spring this year here is my process and recipe that I always use and incorporate into flatbreads or pizza dough on events.

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LACTO-FERMENTATION This is a simple process of cleaning your ingredients, sterilising storage jars and making a brine for lacto-fermentation. I use this method for many wild ingredients to make a dry store fermented item/seasoning.

You need to make a 2.5% brine which means for 1000ml of water I use 25g of salt. Boil the water and add the salt , dissolve and leave to cool. In that period the jars must be sterilised, wild garlic washed and bruised ready to add into the jars. Fill the jar with the cooled brine. After this it simply ferments nicely in a cupboard or a cool place outdoors away from direct sunlight for 3 months. It’s aroma has let to me having an outdoor shed…


500ml water

12ml oil

675g 00 flour

135g fine semolina

4g sugar

3g fast yeast (or use sourdough starter and remove the water & flour weight from the starter)

30g fermented dried wild garlic (12g of salt if no fermented wild garlic seasoning)

The process is to place the water in a mixing bowl & add everything else on top. If you have stand mixer just mix with a dough hook for 8 minutes adding the salt into the mix once everything else has come together. It should start to slap against the side of the bowl. Allow to prove and once doubled in size knock it back and place in a sealed container in the fridge overnight (minimum). It is ready to go but the slow fermentation that takes place whilst in the fridge allows more complex flavours to develop.

The following day I ball up the dough into 125g balls and it’s important to knock back the dough and get some tension into the dough as forming. Place into a flour dusted tray and cover. The 3 prove is taking place and the dough coming our from the fridge will need 2 hours to be ready and mailable enough to form into flatbreads/pizza bases.


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