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This is simply the best process for a parasol mushroom in my humble opinion. It’s a tasty mushroom but its flavour is offset by its high water content and then also fiberous stipe (stem) as it ages.

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To address this I have a 2 part process where I season egg wash (or plant milk) as well as some bread crumbs and make a schnitzel from the cap. Frying in oil initially and finishing with the mushroom butter made from the stipe. The butter can also be frozen and used for a later date. Served up with a potato salad and my gherkins that are super crunchy thanks to the tannins in the oak leaves (see website or highlights for this one).


The Parasol (Macrolepiota procera)

Very important as you probably don’t want to eat the false parasol aka the shaggy parasol (Chlorophyllum rhacodes). Mainly in case you are the 1 in 25 that get sick from eating it. Stay safe and look out for the snake skin pattern on the stipe you’ll also notice the skirt is double edged and not attached very well. When cut the stipe is also hollow and quite fibrous. Beyond that I’m checking if there is any colour from bruising the gills at all as the false parasol bruises a pinky/orange/red colour. The gills are deep and crowded and also free from the stipe.

Very common often plenty are available. Some collect these before they have spored. This is when the cap is closed and more of a drumstick shape. I don’t do this as it’s important to let the Funghi do its job.

Thanks all.


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