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After a bit of a break I was very happy to be out spotting mushrooms to find a small patch of these. It was a very small spot but as usual on the way home I spotted another. Girolles mushroom bhaji made sense so I’ll post on that process later today.

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This fact this popular Funghi known as girolle in France and chanterelle in Britain is annoying especially in kitchens as the Chanterelle in French is the known as the winter chanterelle in Britain. Anyway…

For now here is how I spotted them and avoided mistaking them for other mushrooms. Most common confusion is with the false chanterelle and the Jack O’Lantern (moreso in the US as not common in Britain). Also it’s a good family to get to know this family as there are many great edibles within it showing similar features mainly the ridge like gills and shape.

I generally look for mixed woodlands with plenty of beech & birch looking for golden egg yolk colour amongst the moss. On looking at the gills are much more like forked ridges that run down the stipe (stem). The smell is mushroom-y but also subtle apricot. Once cutting through the mushroom it’s also noticeably white on the inside.

This is a guide as always do your research when out identifying plants and fungi.


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