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Porcini 🇮🇹 CEP 🇫🇷 Penny Bun 🇬🇧 Steinpilz🇩🇪
(Boletus edulis)
(Poutine: is a Canadian dish of French fries, curds and gravy emerging from Quebec in the late 1950s)

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Yesterday I found my first Boletus edulis on a trip to one of my old spots growing up. It was huge but not really great cooking material. I made use of what I could for breakfast and fried them up on some toast and then made a stock from trim. Dehydrating for stock with these is a must especially when they aren’t in the best condition like this one, great to call on all year round. Although old the flavour is still potent it’s just a spongey mushroom at this point so I’m going all in and reducing the stock down until it’s a thick rich Unami porcini sauce/jus. The natural thickness that comes reducing these down makes it wonderfully thick… perfect for Poutine. It’s like a gravy really that’s thickened withought the thickening agent added but I don’t want to open up the conversation about gravy versus jus versus mushroom stocks etc. It was perfect to enjoy at the end of the day on the beach yesterday.

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