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This is a lookalike for wild garlic and how to decipher the two. Simply put it does not smell like garlic and is referenced in Breaking Bad

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My favourite thing about this plant is its beauty in its scent and flowers. Although dangerous it is exchanged in France on May day for good luck and prosperity. Known as "Muguet"

(Convallaria majalis)

In this video we take a look at Lily-of-the-Valley (Muguet in French) versus Wild Garlic.

You may recognise this plants name from Breaking Bad. Not to be trifled with and another plant you don’t want amongst your wild garlic. As you can see there are similarities in the shapes of leaves. But some obvious differences is it’s sweet scent (NOT GARLIC) and bell shaped flowers. It also grows in a different way to wild garlic as you can see from the clips. The stem and splitting leaves is a good place to check if there aren’t any flowers out. Also the sweet smell is imitated by some French perfumes where it is known as “muguet”. Where on the 1st of May it is exchanged with friends for luck and prosperity dating back to 1561 started by Charles IX.

Densely concentrated cardiac glycosides exist here and is severely poisonous to humans and animals but is used to treat heart problems including heart failure and irregular heart beats.

My advice as always is check every leaf as collecting items like wild garlic where there are large quantities available is where the most mistakes happen. This also means that you should always only take what you need. Essentially respect yourself and everything around you.

You may also remember Kate Middleton had them as her bouquet on her wedding day to Prince William. Which I can understand as they are very beautiful plants especially when in flower.

Thanks to @who_is_ambre for the pronunciation of “muguet”, of the 🎥 & @mysticsignal on the 🎼.


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