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Absolutely love the bluebells being out and here is an admiration post of the plant and its folklore.

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Being in ancient woodlands like this one at Lydhurst where I run many dates if my favourite place to be with the bluebells and the fairies.

Here we have the bluebells captured @lydhurst this weekend. These protected plants are synonymous with the British countryside as the vast majority of their population is within the British isles.

I love the folklore behind them and admiring them in all their beauty. So get out to an ancient woodland and see them in all their beauty. Be respectful by sticking to the path and not picking them. Also going at midnight your at risk of interrupting the fairy rave which if you can hear is your death knell.

Thanks to for sniggering and filming and @mysticsignal when we made the track for this one.

Oh and thanks @raymears_woodlore for the squat!


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