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Dream come true finding morels last week. Here is a 3 part series of about them and another spring mushroom being Maipilz / St. George's mushroom

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The excitement overtook me in this video. For more information/ID see the caption or notes below.

An excellent spring edible that has always been elusive to me finally shows its intricate & irregular shaped pits (resembling honeycomb) and ridges on the hollow brown to black cap (especially on the ridges). Satisfying my obsession with maze like structures that cap sits on a stipe that is cream to white, bruising brown with age, still being hollow although this had folded and wrinkled around a lot.

Having found these last week bursting out of a pile of wood-chip for which I have been out checking for weeks already. I was very happy to find a huge quantity all VERY large and whilst I was happy about that it also meant it was a home to many insects. I carefully cleaned in situ and let them crawl away on the site I was collecting from.

I’ve decided to post 3 videos over the next few days as I also collected St. George’s mushroom (Maipilz in Germany) and given the hollow cap I wanted to stuff it with maipilz to make a Kiev. Sorry for the delay but the video will be coming out today and there’s no way I can get it all into 90seconds.
The rest and trim from cleaning I have decided to dry and also lacto-ferment to keep a good stock. The flavour intensifies when dried which is great so the ferment will have some extra flavour to derive before being dried. This will be made into a seasoning along with the maipilz (video coming too). The remaining dried will be kept for dishes over the next few weeks.

As always do your research with any finds and try to keep an eye on updates. For eating this is a great once that MUST be cooked it’s meaty so often stuffed or put into sauces.


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