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Bread is one of the largest items wasted in the UK. I LOVE BAKING MY OWN BREAD but often the ends are pretty crusty. Rather than discarding them I take the roasted and toasted edges and grate them for breadcrumbs and also this recipe for Kvass. It also uses the sourdough discard but you can use shop bought yeast.

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It’s a simple process where I grab a large jar and place in the breadcrumbs with boiling water. The liquid is full of the flavour and food for a yeast to eat up which creates a cereal drink known as Kvass. For me I like to play around a bit and add many different breadcrumbs (this had a gingerbread in it too) and as I was about to head away for Christmas I put beetroot in to which I was worried about not using.

Much like brewing a beer I created a liquid from the breadcrumbs and strained before adding in the sourdough starter discard & beetroot. The breadcrumbs were destined for thickening a mushroom soup too which was then frozen.

I left it for a few days to ferment before straining again and placing in a vessel with a bit of space allow carbonation. At this point we are officially brewing and it my reach 2%abv but more importantly developing probiotics, goodness and a slightly sour flavourful drink.

There was no weighing here but as I was fermenting making live drinks where glass jars are often a risk if you aren’t checking often. Use plastic if you are concerned.

If you don’t have a sourdough starter you can use a yeast for baking.


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