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I’ve been creating a bunch of preserves, pickles and ferments across the year and this afternoon it all slammed into a filthy burger. Like with any good burger the condiments are key but the main event was the slow cooked shredded & spiced oyster mushroom for which the recipe is below.

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The burger was layered with plant based crème fraîche, damson spiced butter, fennel, mint, red onion, the shredded oyster mushrooms, pickled blackberries, sprouts & oak leaf pickled cucumbers.

So whether you forage, buy or grow your own oyster mushrooms this is a great process I use all the time. Hot on hummus is also a favourite.

Note: this is not an identification post on foraging the right oyster mushrooms. Please do your research!


Makes 4 portions

1kg Oyster Mushrooms

1tbsp Oil

1tsp fennel seed

1tsp caraway seed

1tsp cumin seed

1tbsp smoked paprika


In a deep pot allow them oil to get medium heat and blend all your spices. Put the spices into the oil and mix quickly it should foam a little bit essentially you don’t want to burn the spices. Taking one mushroom at a time you can peel away from the edge of the cap with your hands. Essentially we are trying to “shred” it back from the cap and drop into the pan. Keep doing this until all the mushrooms have been shredded stirring occasionally. After this reduce down to simmer and stir occasionally. The mushrooms will drop water so we are trying to intensify the flavour and spices all at once. It should take about 3 hours butIf it seems to be drying out water can be added. If you happen to be cooking potatoes then the starchy water from this really helps along with a little tomato paste. Season to taste.


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