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I have spent a lot of this year talking about fermenting various cones. This process is wonderful and easy on the Pinus Mugo (Dwarf Mountain Pine) as they can be reached. Noble Fir cones were used here which is up to a 30m climb (I got someone else with ropes to do that bit).

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I made a product from this fairly long fermentation which has the most wonderful complex flavours...

I took a Christmas tree and made a mad tasting fermented syrup that’s great on pancakes, cocktails, marinades and more. By taking the noble fir cones and layering them up with sugar the wild yeast has started eating up the sugar whilst kicking out the water content from the fir cones. Essentially it made it’s own flavourful fermenting solution.

3 months has passed and the result is an epic syrup with notes of smoke, papaya, and pine-y-floral-ness 🌲. If your interested it’s in the shop and if your into the process I have 2 videos on that too over on Instagram


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