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A “must have” item in my bag is confit garlic 🧄. It’s as good by itself as it is on many dishes. It’s very easy to make in decent quantities. Here is my process for you to try at home.

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This is a very accessible item that also produces excellent garlic infused oil.

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Cut the garlic bulbs in half across the centre and place the exposed garlic cloves face down in a baking tray and submerge with oil. I have used a cold pressed rapeseed oil. Cover with parchment paper and then seal the tray well with foil. After 27 minutes take out of the oven and you can check how cooked they are. And return to the oven if need be. Once happy with the texture I allow to cool then remove the cloves and put into a jar with enough of the cooking oil to cover. You will also have a separate bottle for confit garlic oil for dressings and other dishes.

Ovens and cooking times vary. Enjoy this and let me know what you would use this on at home.


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