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Whether you forage for mushrooms, grow your own or buy them oyster mushrooms are a fantastic dense “meaty” mushroom.

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I welcome the opportunity to preserve and create combinations of deep rich flavours to call on when need be. This recipe calls for a dehydrator but equally you can use an oven on a low temp with the door slightly open or even tie to string and hang in a warm place with air flow.


1kg Oyster mushrooms

50ml bourbon

50ml apple juice

1tbsp chilli jam (previous video or substitute for chilli flakes)

1tsp soy sauce

Pinch sea salt

1 star anise

1tsp black peppercorns (blitzed)

1tsp cumin (blitzed)


Dehydrate the mushrooms and add all the ingredients except the star anise. Allow them all to infuse overnight. Dehydrate once more for 2 hours and reduce the residual liquor (keep an eye to not burn) from the infusion in a pot with star anise and blitzed cumin & peppercorns. Once thick set aside and allow to cool. Check on the mushrooms in the dehydrator and when they are tacky add them to a bowl and brush with the reduced liquor. Dehydrate again for 5-10 minutes so it gets a delicious crust.

When dehydrating the first time you want the mushrooms to feel dry and this part of the process cooks the them and allows the introduction of the flavours at their best and safely too.

Place in a sealed container and eat when you like. Mines all gone already!


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