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Fermentation Series: #1 Dry Store Of Deep Umami Spring Fungal Flavours

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Taking flavour to the next level through fermentation of Morels and Maipilz.

In this process I’m using the trim of Morels & Maipilz or parts that I didn’t want to eat straight away. Making use of all that I collect is key and if you want to create full-on deep umami hit this is a must. Look at my previous posts if you want information on these Types of funghi.

As part of this series I’m trying to show ways to further preserve that you can keep and store effectively (and safely). These mushrooms need cooking so why not go through a process that does that and can keep all year round to add some deepness to any dish you want. I made about 700g of this salt which will last me a long time and it’s flavour is strong mushroom hit from the morel but also a strong Gouda element that I reckon the Mailpilz bring. I’ll be using it in a multitude of dishes that I’ll post about later. Obviously know your mushrooms before fermenting and the denser ones are better but interesting flavours can be derived. Many mushrooms need cooking (like these) so I like to apply that process at the beginning or end (dehydration with heat).

– I made a 3% brine so 30g of salt to 1000ml of water which I boiled.
– Clean your mushrooms
– Sterilise your jars and utensils used
– Once the brine is cool and the mushrooms prepped they can ferment for 2 weeks in a cool place away from direct sunlight

– Separate the fermented mushrooms from the brine
– Dehydrate the mushrooms whilst reducing the brine
– We are looking to create a paste to dehydrate once more
– Once the paste has been spread and dehydrated you can blend with more salt (for a seasoning)
– Alternatively you can dehydrate and blitz for a less salty power.

It’s very strong so I prefer to salt and use very small amounts. Incredible in broths, on cooked vegetables and much more. I’ve done the same process with wild garlic and used the fermented salt on the rim of a glass for bloody Marie’s. In fact I’ll do that next!


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