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Got creative with the Morel cap and Maipilz to make the kiev with wild garlic pesto. Was so so good

GeorgeFlavour Fred
Very nice little process using the spring season as best as I can... with an air fryer

If you look at the previous two videos you’ll see the process taken to get to this dish. In both posts you’ll find mush information on each one so take a look 👀!

Pretty seasonal this dish taking the largest cap of a morel I’ve seen and then stuffing it with Maipilz (St George’s mushroom) and soft cheese. After which egg washed and breaded then put into the air fryer. Put on top of wild garlic pesto with some wild garlic flowers & ladies smock flowers. Delicious!

I brined (3%) the trim from both mushrooms and have had them fermenting for a week now. Soon enough I’ll dry those (it will also cook them) and get the flavour out of the fermenting solution. This will be a wonderful hard hitter of a seasoning to use on sessions out and about.

@ninjakitchenuk for the air fryer – I do really enjoy using it.
@mysticsignal on the 🎼 let’s do another one soon


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