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You’ll find this all year round in shady parts of woodlands and on various dishes when dining out. It’s an edible tangy number that has the same compound as sorrel in it (Oxalic acid - also rhubarb). The lovely heart shaped leaves that have fine hairs with a central stem that goes to a deep red/purple (varies).

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It’s tang also gives away its high vitamin C content and has been used against scurvy.

Oxalic acid should be consumed in moderation for a number of reasons one is it bonds with calcium and can form kidney stones. To do this you would need huge amounts (100g+ in one sitting) of this and to put it into perspective oxalic acid is in many many things including chocolate and coffee where there is no warning.

I love it and I love its ability to make you salivate whether in a woodland or sat down enjoying food. As shown and mentioned here from @anthonyraffo @anglorestaurant where many of the photos featured are from previous menu items. We will get those listed in due course.


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