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This cress has a powerful wasabi like flavour. Its name comes from its emergence at the same time as the cuckoos singing. Known for an intense hit like horseradish / wasabi it’s a nice one to spot at the moment. I spotted this whole meadow covered so had to spend some time with this lovely potent plant.

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It is part of the brassicas which are easily identifiable when the flowers are out given their structure. Brassica flowers generally share a similar structure, with four petals forming a cross shape, six stamens (four long and two short), and a single pistil in the center. However, there can be variations within the Brassica genus, depending on the species and cultivar.

“Pratensis” is the latin for meadow and the name lady’s smock may come from an obsolete term for an immoral woman and what may be going on in a meadow.

If you want to go have fun in a meadow go have fun in a meadow. That’s what I say!


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