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On January 26th I have found more of these yellow legged beauties. Found in mixed deciduous woodlands this time around but also around conifers (Tsuga most recently). Long season in my opinion as my first find was mid-September.

GeorgeFlavour Fred
In my private events I generally serve flatbreads and love to incorporate these peppery tasty mushrooms. In this video it just so happens I’ve been helping out a @thesleeperstore lately so thought I’d finish my evening with a little treat. Cooked at 400 degrees centigrade for about 90 seconds.

As you’ll see I used my frozen parasol mushroom stem butter with garlic and plenty of winter chanterelles. Delicious.

This year I’m doing many more collaborations as you will see soon enough. Also if you are interested in doing a collaboration or even want a private session or an event catered for or wild drinks provided so let me know with a direct message.

Using the glorious regen flour from @wildfarmed 🌲🌱👌🏻🍄 such a great responsible ingredient!


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