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This late autumn saprotroph is a leaf rotter so generally pops up when it gets a bit colder. I’ve found these for the last two weeks and in the past I’ve found them into the new year. Looking beautiful with their purple/lilac gills that are inward sinuate (meaning roll in or out) to the stipe. When young the cap is rolled inwards hugging the close tightly packed gills.

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The solid stipe itself has a similar colour tapering down with close up textures that are beautiful. The cap having a more violet colour deeper to brown in the middle and with age the in-rolled cap flattens and the centre depresses. The aroma is strong mushroomy-ness and perfume like.

Care should always be taken and my posts are simply a steer …closer inspection and research should always take place. In this instance the webcap family (Cortinarius sp) have a similar structure although when young you can see the “web” around the cap which is a partial veil (Cortina meaning curtain) showing fibres connecting the rim to the stem like a web. Some are deadly (Cortinarius rubellus – deadly Webcap) and the other that looks most similar (Violet webcap – Cortinarius violaceus) is rare where I am based. Enough to avoid in my opinion.

Once totally happy the wood blewit is abundant. Forming in fairy rings very often and is delicious. The water content is high though so I often hard fry this mushroom and then use in many ways. This time round on a nice pastry bake.


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