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Yesterday I posted about making a roasted sweet chestnut & celeriac soup. Here is a recipe for a rum infused nut butter. As always I employ a few process to my ingredients to make the best use of a glut.

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We certainly have one with sweet chestnuts this year!!!


No measurements here. Once the sweet chestnuts have been roasted (split before roasting). Generally 20+ minutes depending on size. I scoop them out and loosen by crushing the roasted nut a little between my fingers. There are many ways to extract the tasty nut so do what works for you. Once shells have been removed put them into a blender and add a glug of rum, splash of water and a pinch of salt. Then blend until it’s starts to roll about together. Taste and adjust rum/water and salt content and blend again till you’re happy. Keep it chunky by pulsing and less blending or leave on to get a smoother item.

That’s it. Keep in the fridge it won’t last like shop bought nut butter but it won’t last long either as it’s incredible.

I recommend a sticky toffee rum but have a play and add what you like. The “spent boozy berry” compote however is only available in my shop and comes with a bottle of Full Year Negroni from which the fruits are from the infusion of the drink. Compote soon to be added as a single item.

Thanks you @jane_alty for the image and joining a walk where we tasted it recently!


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