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A wonderful combination of wild flavours...delivered with a boozy berry compote

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I collect ingredients all year round to make this “ready to drink” wild fruity negroni. The process takes many bitter herbs included in this video (and a few others) that are then steeped in alcohol. Whilst this infuses I also gather many wild fruits and some ornamental fruits and another infusion begins. The Negroni is finished by blending them together for which the quantities of ingredients and volumes of each remain a secret and are locked away safely in a well guarded uncrackable safe.

The berries that are used are then cooked down with @willysacv and some sugar before jarring up and ready to send out with every order. Ingredients include

– Yarrow
– Mugwort
– Wood avens
– Ground ivy
– Birch bark
– Cherry bark
– Tillia leaves
– Beech leaves
– Cherries (not wild but from a great place in Kent)
– Bilberries
– Redcurrants
– Damsons
– Elderberries
– Japanese quince
– Wild mustard seeds
– Sweet woodruff
– Fig leaves

My standard Monday morning post! 18+ only (delivery & requires ID of an adult)


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