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A beer bittering herb & ingredient I use in my liqueurs, coagulant and the stalks have been used for more than 5000 years by many Chinese to aid in decision making and predicting the future know as the I Ching.

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This is one of my favourite abundant bitter herbs that I use in drinks but also rich history of uses. At present I am collecting this to infuse into my bittersweet liqueurs AESTAS & AUTUMNUS for next years batch and has be used bitter herb (known as gruit herbs) for bittering beer before hops became commonplace.

Also a coagulant which has been used on battle fields to pack wounds via a poultice hence it’s one of its other names “soldiers woundwort”. The use of this as a styptic is taught by the great educator & centaur Chiron to Achilles in Greek mythology.

The stems of yarrow (50) have been used for one of the methods of I Ching divination. The process provides unequal probabilities that relate back to a hexagram and the process is quite long. But the starting point is to remove one stalk (remaindered) and the sorted into roughly two piles. A process of counting and placing stalks in between your fingers that results in a correlation to the hexagram and the prediction is complete. Please see the wiki link in comments.


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