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A shrub is a way to use some vinegar to make some more complex drinks. It also preserves well so this is a wonderful new use to pickle radishes and make drinks of elderflower.

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Elderflower Shrub

Generally I seem to like making items I can use in a multitude of ways. Here is my process to make the most of the elderflower and radishes at the moment utilising my preserved lemons made at the beginning of the year to make a pickling solution and shrub for drinks this summer. There is elderflower solution leftover for syrups, ice cubes, ice lollies, jellies etc just can’t get all that in one video. The radishes will be used on everything till they have gone. I prefer to keep these in the fridge.


Elderflowers are at their peak right now so after collecting 10 elderflower heads on Thursday morning last week I allowed them to infuse in 1L of water (refrigerated) and also used 5 heads to infuse into @willysacv

After 3 days I bring the elderflower infusion to the boil with the addition of 2 whole preserved lemons and 1 fresh lemon. Once boiled strain and pour 375ml over 250g of sugar and mix till the sugar has dissolved. After which I add 375ml of the elderflower infused apple cider vinegar. This sweet and sharp solution once cooled is ready to pour over cleaned and sliced radishes which take on the colour of the skin throughout the pickle. I also add in the elderflowers and lemons to the pickling jar. This recipe makes 1L of elderflower & preserved lemon shrub which is delicious topped up with soda on a hot day like yesterday. Or alternatively used in other pickles, dressings and drinks – I really love the addition depth & saltiness from the preserved lemons.

Served with asparagus, broad beans, walnuts and seeded sourdough yesterday afternoon.


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