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Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) will be on every menu from now till end of May and for those that preserve it far beyond. Here is my process for a wild garlic oil. This is something i will make and refrigerate for no more than a week. Great for mayonnaise making and much more!

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This process not only provides an oil but saving the left overs and freezing means you have a base for pesto/sauces ready to go in the freezer.

The season has kicked off and I’m loving the pungent wild garlic aromas. It is a great ingredient but needs to be treated right. Here I show you how to make a wild garlic oil and also save the remains to be frozen and used at a later date. It’s a very simple process by quickly blanching the wild garlic then refreshing and blending until a deep green. After which strain through a cheese cloth to separate the oil and the remaining pulp destined for the freezer.

Now we have the oil we can use it for mayonnaise, into other sauces, adding to dressings and baked into breads like the focaccia we served @flatearthpizzas on Sunday and that’s just a few.

For every 500ml of oil I like to have 100g of wild garlic and I used half cold pressed rapeseed oil and extra virgin olive oil in this one. Use freely and best to just make as and when rather than keeping it (1 week in the fridge I’m fine with).

More coming soon.


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