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Here is a little mash-up of items I am collecting or have preserved lately for a tasty dessert. Layered Japanese quince jelly, rhubarb & clove-root compote, whipped sorrel cream.

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JAPANESE QUINCE JELLY The quince jelly is set from the liquid left from making the Japanese quince membrillo which I re-heated and poured into glasses, then chilled to set. Please see previous video on Japanese quince for process.


This is a very simple process and works every time. It’s not too sweet and keeps the sharpness from rhubarb too which is from Oxalic acid. I’ll be doing a video on Oxalic acid soon enough. 700g rhubarb & 75g sugar. As you wash and prep the rhubarb caramelise the sugar in a pot. Keep an eye on it but as it caramelises you can add in the rhubarb and stir. After which add in the blitzed cleaned clove root and juice of 1/4 of an orange if you like. As the rhubarb just starts to soften. Allow to cool before putting onto on of the set quince jelly.


I used sheep sorrel here but can use common/field. I blended up in a strong blender with whipping plant cream (I’m sure whipping cream would work fine). You can juice and add to whipped cream. Layered on top of the rhubarb compote.

Finished with crushed Biscoff.


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