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This is one of my botanical liqueurs "VER - Fig Leaf, Sweet Woodruff, Anise"

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First of all the process for making my small batch liqueurs is 6 months. This particular liqueur makes use of fig leaves whose intoxicating aroma reminds me of late spring coupled with my favourite woodland herb sweet woodruff which I have spoken of in many posts (do check). These pungent leaves will lose their delicate flavours if distilled in a copper still due to the temperature being too high. This is why I use the method of “Vacuum Distillation”

This technique is used mainly in laboratories where the the boiling point is adjusted by changing the pressure to isolate a compound to be evaporated – mainly solvents.

However it can be used to derive flavour where adjusting the pressure and water bath pressure can can assist in a number of ways including;

– Concentration of purest and fresh flavours

– Extracting flavours

– Removing certain compounds from flavour profiles (currently testing heat removal from various capsicum)

– Removing alcohol

– My own drinks being distillations wild delicate seasonal flavours and made into liqueurs

It’s available in my shop if you like or see what wonderful cocktails have been made using my liqueurs at the wonderful spots below.






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