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I found the white Elfin Saddle (Helvella crispa) @nomadicdinners with (thanks for the đź“˝ and laughs as always) the other day. Looking like an albino werewolf bursting out the ground. It seemed appropriate to post today for Halloween.

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The origins of Halloween date back to a religious Pagan festival “Samhain” an ancient Celtic spiritual tradition to welcome the dark half of the year. Barriers between the physical world and spirit world would break down with interactions between humans and beings from other worlds would take place.

This other worldly looking mushroom often described as being “globular with lobes” looking like a albino werewolf exploding and howling from the forest floor with a dangerous compound within is spooky enough for me.

The compound I’m talking about is called “Gyromitrin” which when heated or placed in acid forms “monmethylhydrazine” a fuel used by NASA to power rockets. I should add the other genera known distinctly known for this is the “Gyromitra” which the “Helvella” are closely related to. We will wait for spring to talk about Gyromitra and the false morel vs true morels🤞

Well there it is a werewolf erupting from the underworld whose name is Helvella. That’s my contribution to today. Sorry no pumpkins for me probably some turnip carving, offerings for fairies, and shape shifting creatures will fill my mind.

I should add it’s not that tasty a mushroom even when prepared properly. Best leaving as is except when trying to ID.


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