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The sauce is often referred to as a British countryside sauce which would commonly be carried by gentleman alongside other favourite condiments.

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The history suggests itโ€™s a result of an interpretation by a renowned French vineyard owners son who had opened a tavern in London after the Great fire of 1666. Developing this combination from the elderberry with (I imagine) access to good quality wine, cider and spices.

Iโ€™ve made 2 barrels one I shall try to age 7years (as the recipe suggested) and another to taste test on my sessions


1500ml cider vinegar (used organic unfiltered)

1500ml red wine (good quality Shiraz – personal preference)

3kg elderberries (prepped by using a fork to remove berries)

Poach overnight at 100degrees

Strain the solution and bring to the boil with the following before straining once more and ageing in barrels

5 tsp salt
10 blades of mace
80g black peppercorns

60g allspice
20g cloves
5 onion, chopped
10 slivers of fresh ginger

I added in some torched oak chips into the mix to get extra flavours and will remove/strain in a couple weeks.

Age for 7 yearsโ€ฆ good luck


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