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I had the pleasure of supporting London Wild Fruits (Ru) at the request of Nomadic Dinners lately to inoculate shiitake onsite. It was a lot of fun. Check out the video!

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Red Wine Pickled Blackberries

Blackberries or bramble to most (“Rubus fruticosus”) is ripening for me which people seem surprised by on my walks and sessions of late. 

To a certain extent we should be as I always think mid-August as my picking time.  Truth is the blackberry – “Rubus fruticosus” has over 300 micro-species which means a significant variety in ripening time, plumpness and general variances across the UK.

This foraging classic we all know as a thorny shrub-like bushy scrambler where no item of clothing is safe from getting torn. The fruit is so very worth it though and for me I love making all the classics cordials, jams, wines, blackberry brandy (!), crumbles, pies, ketchup, in savoury dishes and so many more. But….

Being obsessed with preservation and as part of this pickling series here is a quick and easy pickling solution that works very well when I make up a cous cous or freekah cold side dish with these beautiful pickled blackberries along with coriander, lemon & olive oil.


1 part red wine (shiraz for me)

1 part red wine vinegar

1 part water


Star anise







Bring to the boil and add aromatics then turn off the hob and leave to cool.  We now have a pickling solution ready to pour onto your foraged blackberries.  2 weeks in the pickle is great and can sit at room temperature.

Although be aware not to pick blackberries after Michaelmas (29th September) as Tradition tells us that on Michaelmas, the archangel Michael kicked Satan out of Heaven and he landed on a blackberry bush so annoyed he hit back and decided to prevent them being of use.  Many sources online state he spat on them others say urination but either way at that point I don’t find they are at their best.

Thank you @becapjones for the dish capture (Its on a medicinal brownie, with fermented noble fir syrup & oat cream)


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