Funghi Friday & Feast

“Funghi Friday” is running in September & October 2022 focusing on foraging but with a huge emphasis on Funghi.  Joined by Susy (they/them) who runs Queer as Funghi, and leads walks and fungal forays for trans and queer people.  It’s a great session and we are looking forward to discussing such a wonderful topic together with our areas of interest.

After a foray for 2.5 hours there will be a Funghi Table with as many mushrooms found that morning on display to be discussed with Susy.  Whilst that takes place I’ll be busy cooking up my favourite flavourful funghi-focused food and paired cocktails (alcohol & non available.)

This is all inclusive so all drinks (plenty) and a significant feast so no need to book dinner after!

Having worked with Susy closely it’s a wonderful perspective on how our relationship with nature can link with community care and mental health.  The conversations about fungi ties in well to so many pertinent topics at present as well as discussing the growing, identifying and learning about wild mushrooms and plants.  We also will provide a follow-up email to attendees providing all the information discussed, talking points, books and recipes.  Can’t wait!

We have two locations at present being The Castle Climbing Centre garden (London, N5) or Lydhurst Private Estate (West Sussex, RH17 5TR).

Open to all and everyone with an interest in learning more about funghi and eating them too!

Fungi Feast (Sample Menu)
– Green pea panisse, pickled chanterelles
– Fermented wild garlic crostini, wild mushroom pâté, blackberry ketchup
– Hedgehog fungus pierogi, caramalised onion, crispy onion
– Parasol mushroom schnitzel, pickled plums, pickled walnuts
– Wild mushroom risotto – a whallop of 10 types of wild mushroom


Deep Deep Porcini Brownies

Alcoholic Cocktails:
Girolle Martini, pickled girolle
Woodland Negroni
Fig Leaf & Apple Martini
Pine “Tom Collins”

Non Alcoholic Drinks/Wild Soda’s:
Birch Polypore & Elderberry Iced Tea
Sloe Berry Tepache
Fig Leaf, Sweet woodruff & apple
Autumn fruit presse

Flavour has to be natural, honest, and with a bit of earth still on it. There are no convoluted supply chains, and no air miles, only what’s natural and what’s good.

Humans have always depended upon a harmonious relationship with nature to provide the food we need.. This is something we have lost connection to and why Flavour Fred exists and what we focus on. We need these skills and knowledge for modern living and at Flavour Fred we want to keep these vital traditions alive.

PRICE: £85.00 PER PERSON, limited to 14 people

Terms and conditions apply