Funghi Friday & Feast

Funghi, Foraging and Wild Pizza is a full day event where George (Flavour Fred) and Susy (Queer as Funghi) will support you to explore wild flavours, ecologies as community, plant and fungal medicine, and safe identification, followed by a Flavour Fred Wild Pizzas & Cocktails! We meet at 11 at Abney Cemetery, where talk about the plants and funghi we find across the historically significant cemetery, and then explore our local Clissold Park before ending up at the Castle Climbing Centre’s magical garden for Wild Pizzas and Wild Cocktails. The event finishes at 4.

This is all inclusive so all drinks and plenty of pizza and wild dips! Open to all and everyone with an interest in learning more about funghi, plants and eating them too!

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We will have a selection of wild toppings gathered in the days before along with some of our wild preserves to make wild pizzas along with a selection of wild dips.  And to wash it all down enjoy some of the wild cocktails as below.

Alcoholic Cocktails:
Woodland Negroni
Fig Leaf & Apple Martini
Pine “Tom Collins”

Non Alcoholic Drinks/Wild Soda’s:
Elderflower & Pineapple weed crush
Douglas Fir Kombucha
Fig Leaf, Sweet woodruff & apple

Flavour has to be natural, honest, and with a bit of earth still on it. There are no convoluted supply chains, and no air miles, only what’s natural and what’s good.

Humans have always depended upon a harmonious relationship with nature to provide the food we need.. This is something we have lost connection to and why Flavour Fred exists and what we focus on. We need these skills and knowledge for modern living and at Flavour Fred we want to keep these vital traditions alive.

PRICE: £65.00 PER PERSON, limited to 16 people

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