Plant Identification & Immersive Drawing Workshop

Plant Identification & Immersive Drawing Workshop

Join Daniel and I on July 6th at 2pm for a plant identification walk followed by an immersive drawing workshop (3 hours total).

Conducted on Hampstead Heath, the session is part of a project connecting to nature that will incorporate an hour and half plant identification with myself.  After which participants will sit down with Daniel for a hands-on workshop that aims to empower you with a broader toolkit for botanical art, offering fresh angles in observing and interpreting plants.

Tailored to be accessible and exciting for both the general public and botanical drawing enthusiasts, exercises require no previous skills.

The only thing you’ll need is a sketchbook, drawing materials and a blanket or something to lay down on. Immerse yourself in sensory experiences, meditation, and creative processes, fostering a deep connection, understanding, and empathy with the flora around us.

Daniel the Gardener
Daniel is a botanical artist, currently working as an artist-in-residence at Sarabande Foundation, exploring the relationship between plants and humans, raising awareness of biodiversity and conservation. For more information on please head to


The Benefits, Booking & Follow Up

As humans, our senses were developed first to assist us in hunting and gathering. Our perception of colour helped us pick the ripest fruit and tell the poisonous from the tastiest berries. The powerful link between smell and memory helped us remember those plants we had eaten safely before, and those we had been taught to fear. Your body hasn’t forgotten this: wild plants still provide a vivid and delicious feast for the senses.

I also provide in-depth follow up with of what we have seen, links to resources online, book recommendations and more.

Tickets £65 per person, limited to 18 people
Private Group Bookings contact, limited to 18 people

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Will we be gathering?

No, I prepare everything in advance from private sites.  Many locations like this one have rules surrounding foraging which will be discussed.  Purely identification and my favourite information about them is what will be discussed.

Where is my confirmation and details of the walk?

On booking you will receive an automated new order confirmation email which sadly hits junk on occasions.  The details of the walk will be sent 3 days prior to the session so I can check weather (of course) and best meeting point for the chosen route on the site plus any changes.

What to bring?

The only requirement is a sketchbook, drawing materials and a blanket or something to lay down on.  The purpose is to equip participants with valuable tools they can use beyond the event, unlocking fresh angles to observe and interpret plants.

Are dogs allowed?

No dogs allowed on this session.

Are children allowed?

Please email with more information.

Please also see my terms and conditions
Image courtesy of Mark Cocksedge